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Reset Charlet
Sometimes I feel like a stranger
other times I am A friend.
You might be sad and full of anger
And often you think of the end
But you'll stick around for my plan.
You have no choice, you're in my trap.
The queen will fall and we'll rule this land.
The whole world will be resting upon my lap.
Binded together like H2O
We'll drown the world in our sorrow.
You'll not live to see it through
Your mind i'll dispose of, your body I will take
with this scheme that I brew.
Binding with me will always be your greatest mistake.
You could not handle the sight of tragedy.
Broken, shattered, and in tears, you ran away.
You ran to me but, i'm a poison not a remedy
Fighting against the world but, underneath it all you're a stray.
:iconthe-bread-man:The-Bread-Man 2 2
Bike, Backpack and Bullets Pt. 2
In the following months I traveled from town to town seeing the aftermath of the quake firsthand. I've meet the survivors and heard their stories, a few of which caught my attention. They've been rumors of "The melting man" or "Ooze Beasts", an anomaly that had the survivors gripped with fear. I think it's high time someone investigated these stories. I may have traveled around a bit but, i had yet to travel towards the cities that were nearest to the epicenter. Although i couldn't possibly imagine or begin to understand the horrors that people experienced being that close to the quake, I headed out towards the epicenter. The roads were difficult and the nights grew cold as I rode through the countryside.
:iconthe-bread-man:The-Bread-Man 1 2
Bikes, Backpacks, and Bullets
Not many people were prepared for the quake that would change humankind's fate. The epicenter was about 100 miles way but it still shook the town. Thankfully i was in the countryside on my bike at the time. It knocked me off my bike and shook for what felt like an eternity. The shaking stopped i rode my bike home on the roads scarred by the quake. My home was now reduced to rubble with only a few half standing walls remaining. After a few hours of going through the rubble i managed to salvage a first aid kit and a few outfits of clothing. I placed both in my backpack, took a deep breath, and said to myself, "You're a wanderer now."
:iconthe-bread-man:The-Bread-Man 2 0
A Demon in Sheep's Clothing
When I walk by the people what do they see?
Is it the demon that lurks inside me?
An aura of death and a desire for their fear,
Be wary any who draw near.
Strong like the beat of a drum yet hidden in the shadow.
Listening to it is enough to drive me mad though.
I always see that smile crack through the facade.
Even I start to fear me like a demi-god.
It's not all bad to be a little mad.
The stress is gone just like my mind
If you look in my brain, a psychopath is all you'll find
If you happen to meet him he'll likely say
"Lets go for coffee and arsenic, it'll be fun, okay?"
:iconthe-bread-man:The-Bread-Man 2 0
Freedom Unburdened.
She seemed like she was in a hurry
Lashing at others with all her fury.
I'm surprised nothing was broken
Nothing but my joy
When will she take the time to understand
I'm a person not a toy.
Her path burned hot for everyone who she forced along
Continuing on the warpath, unwilling to accept that she was wrong,
She hurt her family and any at her door
Then turned around with a smile and kept asking for more.
How can she expect a favor when all the bridges burned?
Now she's stranded all alone and its finally our turn!
We're now free to live our lives not weighted down by her.
With this energy we can work hard towards our dreams undeterred.
I wake up in the morning slow and steady like the rising sun
Taking deep breaths, and reminding myself of my new life that's begun.
:iconthe-bread-man:The-Bread-Man 2 3
Alone in the rain
With no one here the fun was over too soon.
So I walked back outside in this rainy afternoon.
The knife was wet and slipped out of my hands,
It got stuck in the ground so that it stands.
I left it there to continue my stroll.
And who should I meet but a similar soul.
It's my old inmate out on parole.
He may act good but his sins haven't changed.
His punishment shall be that he gets hanged.
I lured him into walking towards the school
They always follow me to their demise, what a fool.
One good hit on the head and he was out like a light.
I cut his shirt with the knife and made a noose without much of a fight.
Found a tree strong and tall
Hung him high to be seen by all.
Onwards I walk town-ward bound
Alone again with no one around.
:iconthe-bread-man:The-Bread-Man 2 0
It rains once more
My footsteps resonating through the hall,
As I walk, a small blade in my hand scrapes against the wall.
You crawl, you scream, you cry
You are so desperate not to die.
Feet still wet from the rain outside
You try your best to run and hide.
Try as you might to hide, I can smell your fear.
You hold your breath thinking you are hidden but, I am here.
The cool blade touches your skin
You run but I smile and say "let me in"
"Dying isn't as bad as it seems"
In the moonlight, my blade gleams.
Backed into a corner with nowhere to go to.
I charge forth and drive my blade through.
Your last breath was music to my ear
T'was a Shame no one else was around to hear.
:iconthe-bread-man:The-Bread-Man 2 0
Let it rain no more.
It is raining
What will you do?
It is raining,
Hey i am talking to you.
It is raining
and you shall never be free.
It is raining
all you have left is me.
It is raining
And you should be full of fear.
It is raining
While your end is near.
It is raining
and I deal the final blow.
It is raining
I try to dig a grave but the mud makes me slow.
It is raining
So I head indoors
The rain has stopped
And you are no more.
:iconthe-bread-man:The-Bread-Man 2 1
Define friendship
Today I learned what friendship was.
When goodbye means hello again,
When fear is replaced with joy,
When a tear falls at the thought of losing them,
You will see true friendship. And there just isn't anything like it in the world.
:iconthe-bread-man:The-Bread-Man 3 0



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I love writing poems, photography, and occasionally i draw some random stuff and put it up on DA.

Current Residence: Toaster
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Personal Quote: Life and Death, Love and hate. All intertwined with the goddess fate.
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that's right i have a tumblr now, took me long enough yeah?
all photography will be uploaded at the following link:

all poetry (if it makes it past "thought written on the back of a napkin" stage will be uploaded here on DA.
Thanks for sticking with this sloth of an artist.


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